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What i got for Christmas 2016’xo

Hello lovelies, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! So today I’m going to be showing you all what I got for Christmas this year. I must admit I do feel a bit cautious in writing this post but I decided to do it as I personally am quite nosy and so I absolutely love reading these and watching the same types of video on YouTube to see what others received! Before I get into it, I just want to say that I am extremely grateful and thankful for every single thing that I received and am in no way trying to brag!

I’m going to start with what my mum and dad got me:

My crosley was my main present from my mum and dad, I’ve wanted one for so long, so I’m super excited to try it out plus I just love the design and colours! And you can’t have a record player without vinyls right? So they bought me ‘Vessel’ by Twenty One Pilots (my favourite band EVER haha) as well as Bruno Mars ‘XXIVk Magic.’ I’ve loved Bruno since forever. Literally! And me and my best friends all got tickets for Christmas to go see him in concert, which we’re so so so excited for.

  •  Zoella~ ‘She Designed A Life She Loved’ sticky note set- I feel like this will help me to get more organised!
  •  Zoella~ ‘Daisy Picking’ candle- I absolutely love candles and the packaging is so cool!
  •  Zoella~ ‘Lazy Days’ reed diffuser- this smells amazing!

  • Scented, colourful Pens (These were actually from my brother but they linked with this stuff. Don’t judge me ahah)
  • Weekly erase board/ planner which will be useful for planning out my week
  • Gabriella Lindley sticky note set- I needed some sticky notes for my English class and these ones are perfect!

So my mum and dad got me these so I can attempt to get organised as I’m in year 11 now and so I have my GCSE exams this year *cry*.

Beauty items

  •  Tangle teezer- I asked for this as the tangle teezer I had before drastically needed replacing!
  • Clinique ‘Take The Day Off’ eye and lip makeup remover- I’ve had this before and it’s honestly brilliant!
  •  Garnier Micellar Water- I use this everyday so it’s always useful to get a new one!

  •  Real Techniques ‘Bold Metals Collection’- These. Brushes. Are. Gorgeous. I need say no more!

  •  No7 ‘illuminated mirror’- ITS COPPER!!! I love anything copper, so this is a big big big yes from me!

  • ‘Ari by Ariana Grande’ set- I have smelt this perfume before and I know that it smells incredible, so I’m sure the body lotion will smell the same, plus the pen is so so cute!

Clothing items

  •  Topshop ankle socks- what’s Christmas without new socks? Especially when they’re as pretty as this, Aha!

  •  My mum and dad also got me some Calvin Klein underwear which is so beautiful!


  •  2 Copper Geometric Tea Light Holders- I’ve been looking for some of these for so long so I’m super excited to now have them, they’re gorgeous!
  •  Copper Tealights- these are basically the most amazing thing ever.
  •  Copper pot!

So I think we can all take from this that I love copper haha!

  •  ‘Jj’ engraved trinket dish- this is so so beautiful and it’s also really handy to store rings as I know that I always lose rings haha!

  • ‘Sips’ drink cup- I’m really not sure whether to use this for drinks or whether to keep it as a decoration in my room because it’s honestly so gorgeous!


  • Toothbrush- This is very useful as I needed a new toothbrush so my mum got me it as part of my Christmas!
  • Impulse body spray in ‘be surprised’- I love this scent and had run out of body spray so it’s very useful.
  • ‘J’ coin purse- This is super cute and will be extremely handy when I go on holiday/trips and don’t want to take my big purse! Plus the colours are beautiful!
  • Shower Cap- This shower cap is so so cute and very useful. Plus it’s pink! And very attractive to wear;)*sarcasm*
  • Toni and Guy ‘Heat Protection Mist’- My mum uses this and I guess I steal it from her so much that she decided to buy me my own haha!

What my brother got me:

  •  Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Mannequin’- I have been wanting this for so long but it’s always out of stock when I go on the website so I’m so excited to finally have it eeeee!

What my Gran and Grandad got me:

  • ‘Holding Up The Universe’ by Jennifer Niven- I’m so excited to read this as I read Jennifers’ other teen fiction book ‘All the Bright Places’ and it’s actually my favourite book, so I’m sure this one will be amazing too!
  • Lush~ ‘Butterbear’ and ‘Tisty Tosty’- I haven’t tried either of these before so I’m very excited to use them! They also smell lovely.
  • Molton Brown festive bauble in ‘London Via Champagne-Ardenne’- This smell so beautiful and my family have a massive addiction to Molton Brown products which they have bestowed upon me haha!
  • MySPA ‘coconut and frangipani flower’ reed diffuser and shower cream- these smell incredible!
  • They also gave me some vouchers!

What my aunt and uncle got me:

  • M&S~ ankle socks and fuzzy socks- fuzzy socks are honestly the key to my heart!
  • Molton Brown ‘Pink Pepperpod’ body wash- this is my favourite scent!
  • Fall Out Boy~ ‘American Beauty American Psycho’ vinyl- another of my favourite bands!

  •  My auntie also got me this gorgeous, furry dressing gown which I absolutely love and I really needed a new dressing gown!

  • They also got me this game which you’ve probably already seen everywhere! Literally half of the people from my school have it! And it’s absolutely hilarious!

What my great auntie got me:

  • Makeup bag- this is honestly so adorable and I love the pattern!
  • Manicure set- This is honestly so useful and cute at the same time! Butterfly scissors? Yes please!

What my friends got me:

  • Twenty One Pilots Top (they know me so well)
  • Superdry Eye Makeup Set
  • Cadbury Milk Tray- yummy
  • Next boutique ‘Mini Candle’- I’m literally the candle girl from scream queens. Obsessed. With. Candles. So shoutout to them for fueling my addiction.
  • Maltesers ‘Mini Reindeer’
  • ‘Brush Egg’- this is a little makeup brush cleaner which is honestly so so useful!

What my neighbour got me:

  • Baylis and Harding ‘Body Wash’ set- this is so useful to have and it smells so nice!


  •  Its not Christmas without gaining 10 pounds right?

So that’s practically everything that I received this Christmas and I’m extremely thankful for everything I’ve been given and I’m also grateful that I had a really good day with all of my family! I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas because you definitely deserve it. Bring on 2017!

Thank you ever so much for reading!

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