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Garnier skin active tissue mask review’xo

Hello lovelies, so today I’m going to be reviewing the garnier skin active moisture bomb tissue mask! I picked this up in boots as it was only £1 (reduced from £1.50) and I had never seen it before so I’m guessing it’s a relatively new product.
I think that this is supposed to be a dupe for the Sephora sheet face masks for us people the UK. Having recently used a Sephora face mask which I bought whilst on holiday I feel that I can say, don’t worry Sephora you’re still the face mask God! (Let me know if you want a Sephora face mask review)

This is the packaging of the product!

This is the back of the product! As you can see the instructions for this mask are almost identical to the Sephora ones!
Upon getting the mask out I noticed that it was definitely “soggier” than the Sephora masks. You basically just unfold the mask, lay it on your face and hope for the best! It has a blue sheet which your peel off of the other side and then you wait for 15 minutes and remove it, when I took the mask off I tried massaging the excess into my skin but in the end I had to get a cotton wool pad and dab it off as there was too much!
Overall, I loved the novelty of this mask and of course I sent my friends about 1000 snapchats of me wearing it and it did actually get rid of some dry patches of skin on my face which I was pleased with but ultimately this dry skin came back within a few days and and my face did feel quite tight after using the mask! So based on this I would probably buy it again if I was having a sleepover with friends as novelty but in terms of actually helping the skin I wouldn’t repurchase this product!
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