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Lipstick collection’xo

Hello lovelies, so as you may or may not know (I only just found out and the day is almost over!) today is national lipstick day, which I assume is a day where everyone can rejoice and sing prayers to whoever created lipstick because, well, who doesn’t love some lipstick now and then? So I thought for todays blog it would be nice to share my beautiful lippies with you beautiful people! I just want to say sorry about the picture quality as the lighting kept changing but lets go…

Charlotte Tilberry- Very Victoria
YSL- Rouge Pur Couture in the shade 9 Rose Stilleto
Mac- Velvet Teddy
Mac- Persistence
Mac- Shy Shine (i couldn’t find a link for this)

L’Oreal- Collection Privée Barely Peach By Julianne Moore
Rimmel- Kate Moss in shade 45
Kiko- shade 612 Strawberry Pink (i couldn’t find a link for this)

So that’s my lipstick collection so far! I absolutely love all of them! The reason that I didn’t mention my liquid lipsticks is because i wanted to stick to traditional stick lipsticks. Also if you want me to write up any reviews on any of the lipsticks just let me know in the comments!
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45 thoughts on “Lipstick collection’xo

  1. Happy belated National Lipstick Day! I loved reading this blog and my favourite is the Rose Stiletto (YSL) ❤️ I agree with you I didn’t want to include too much about the liquid lipsticks , I noticed you got the Tanya Burr – Martha Moo which I have too! It’s a gorgeous colour 🙂 thanks for your lovely comment and liking my post😊 Gonna follow xh

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    1. Happy belated National Lipstick Day to you too☺️ thank you so much! And rose stiletto is such a gorgeous shade for every season🙊 Yesss… a Martha moo buddy haha! It is so pretty and so good for the price! Tanya’s products are amazing! Thank you, I followed you back🙈x

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  2. I have a lipstick obsession, I of course have a lot of obsessions! lol. I adore your blog! I love the mac lipsticks.. I usually go for nude/lip color that’s a bit darker or lighter than mine or a bold lip color such as red! 🙂

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      1. Same here!! :). I like nude with darker eye shadows and when I wear darker eyeliner.
        I usually wear brown eyeliner (I think it’s more natural which is what I try to aim for), but if there is an event or if I go out on the
        weekends I go darker, and my lips usually go nuder! haha.

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