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100 facts about me!xo

Hey everyone, so today I decided to do a different blog post which would enable you to get to know me a bit better! I hope you enjoy it:) So… Let’s go!

1. My name is Jess
2. I’m 15

3. I’m from the UK

4. I was born in 2000

5. My star/zodiac sign is Scorpio

6. I’m a figure skater

7. I unfortunately have asthma

8. I love makeup 

9. I love the tv programme Gotham!

10. My MCM is David Mazouz

11. My favourite clothes store is topshop

12. I love travelling 

13. I got stuck on a zip-wire and I also got stuck in a water slide!

14. I love Jake Bugg 

15. I also love Tom Odell

16. I love Panic! At the Disco because Brendon Urie

17. I love TØP because Tyler and josh

18. I love YouTubers

19. I met Pewdiepie

20. My favourite ice cream flavour is mint choc chip

21. My favourite book is ‘All The Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven

22. I can’t wait until the movie suicide squad comes out

23. I’m currently watching scream queens 

24. I have a miniature schnauzer (dog)

25. I have been up the tallest building in the world

26. I went to the Grand Canyon

27. I can fast walk extremely quick even though my legs are ultra short

28. I love home decor and designing my bedroom

29. I’m always bored

30. I play Pokémon go

31. I have sadly had pneumonia a number of times

32. My Instagram and younow are both: @jess09xo (shameless self promo, I’m sorry)

33. Little noises (breathing etc) annoy me so much 

34. I’m extremely forgetful

35. I love pastel colours

36. I want to go to San Diego comic con

37. I love malteasers and minstrels (sweets)

38. I love chicken nuggets

39. I love the outdoors 

40. I was in brownies and then I became a girl guide

41. I used to take musical theatre, ballet, modern and tap but I don’t think I was very good!

42. I broke my pinky finger playing netball 

43. I love smoothies!

44. I love to laugh

45. I adore tiny, classy, tumblr tattoos

46. I can speak a little bit of French

47. I like playing tennis although I’m not very good at it:)

48. I’m excited to break into the world of blogging 

49. I’m questioning whether to start a YouTube channel

50. I always sing in the car

51. I’m an introvert 

52. I want to go on a safari trip

53. I hate insects

54. I love the smell of Michael kors shops

55. I don’t like tea or coffee

56. But I love hot chocolate 

57. I prefer cold drinks

58. Dessert is my favourite part about meals

59. I love candles

60. I hate the feel of paper

61. I love Dylan Obrien

62. I find it hard to make eye contact whilst speaking to people

63. I love stationary

64. The home section in primark is amazing

65. I love dogs

66. My shoe size varies between size 4 and size 5 (uk women’s)

67. I used to love climbing trees when I was younger

68. I am left handed

69. I have read the ‘The magic faraway tree’ stories by Enid Blyton around six times!

70. I was a ‘school captain’ in my last year of primary school

71. I won the poetry competition at my primary school

72. I used to go to a gymnastics after school club

73. I like to get up early on a morning

74. I would love either a mint green fiat 500 or a white Porsche Cayenne but I’ll probably never be able to afford the Porsche haha!

75. I used to play the flute

76. I don’t know my blood type

77. I cried reading ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green

78. I also cried reading ‘Looking For Alaska’ by John Green

79. I also cried reading ‘All the Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven

80. I wish I was good at art

81. I only like one type of soup which is tomato!

82. I got my ears pierced but they are healed up now because I kept getting infections and had to take my earrings out:(

83. I hate people who make annoying noises during movies at the cinema

84. I watch a lot of movies

85. I love the colour rose gold

86. I love lip-balms

87. I love anthropology (the shop)

88. I love rollercoasters 

89. I love rock climbing 

90. I’m allergic to cats and horses

91. I always wanted to do horse riding

92. I love listening to music

93. I want to go on a road trip with my friends in a foreign country

94. I wish i lived by the sea

95. I know thousands of song lyrics

96. I love skipping

97. I love baking

98. I’m quite short

99. I have a problem with procrastinating too much

100. Finally, this was extremely hard to write! 

Thank you for reading this post if you made it this far:) and I hope it allowed you to learn a bit more about me and who I am:) don’t forget to follow my blog for more posts if you’re new here!
Thank you again:)


Instagram- @jess09xo 

Younow- @jess09xo


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