High end makeup wish list for 2016’xo

Hey everyone Jess here! So I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘what I got for Christmas’ posts and seeing all of the high end makeup makes me a little jealous aha! So I’ve compiled a wish list of five products that I would love to get by the end of this year! – Also please note none of these photos are my own as I don’t own any of the products!

1)Urban decay- Naked On The Run Palette ~ retails for £37

Why i want the palette= it has a wide range of products including: mascara, eye pencil, lipgloss, five eyeshadow shades, bronzer, blush and a highlighter with the added bonus of the packaging being gorgeous.

2)Nars- The multiple- orgasm ~ retails for £29

Why I want= despite the slightly odd name haha!! The colour of the product is beautiful and I like the idea of it being a stick not just an ordinary blush yet it also has other uses. Also I’ve also seen a lot of people rave about how good it actually is!

3)Hourglass- Ambient lighting edit ~retails for £65

Why I want= due to the product being so expensive I know I probably won’t end up getting it, but a girl can dream right? Haha:) Anyway the six shades in the palette are all beautiful and the packaging is gold and majestic! Enough said!!

4)Anastasia- dipbrow pomade ~ retails for £15

Why I want= I’ve seen a lot of people loving this product and it looks so creamy and perfect and I’ve also never owned anything from Anastasia!

5)Finally, Origins- Active charcoal mask to clear pores ~ retails for £23

Why I want=I know this isn’t a makeup product ,but a skin product, and I’ve seen Zoella using this but I also think it looks so refreshing and I love face masks!

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17 thoughts on “High end makeup wish list for 2016’xo

  1. The hourglass is a wish of mine as well & the nars=awesome! I couldn’t make myself buy the hourglass.. it’s pretty high! I’ve purchased several different contour kits and a glow kit, idk how well it will benefit me, but I will more than likely find out when I give in on that price considering I have to look at those hourglass products a lot! lol.

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I haven’t been on my blog in such a long time due to starting back a school😁 I would just keep keep doing what you’re doing, make sure to include lots of photos in your blog posts and don’t worry about what others think! It is quite hard when you are beginning your blog but don’t give up:) you gained a new follow here:) xx

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