Eyeshadow look with Makeup Revolution!xo

Heyyyy, Jess here so today I wanted to share a quick eyeshadow look I created using the ‘makeup revolution flawless eyeshadow palette’ The palette is available online at the makeup revolution Website as well as on
and in store at superdrug for just £8!

The first thing I did was take the shade shown above with a cross on it and I just used this as a base shade for my shadow putting it all across the lid- if you have an eyeshadow primer you would use this first if you wanted to but I don’t have any primer:).

Next I used the brown shade marked above and just placed this in my crease working from the outside and halfway across the crease (not fully to the tear duct) blending it out.

I then took the marked shade and placed this on the whole of my lid to give a copper-y shimmer and make the look sparkle a bit more as I had only used matte shades previously!

Next i took a mix of the above shades being careful not to get too much shadow on my brush and placed it onto the area around my tear duct just to brighten the eye and the look up a little bit.

Finally, to finish the look, I took a blend of the two gorgeous red shades from the palette which are shown above and placed them from the edge/end of my eyeshadow look and blended towards the inner tear duct!

And this was the finished look- btw it was super difficult to get these photos which is why they aren’t the best quality and the colours don’t show up like what they are in real life haha:p also I was going for a more natural look but obviously depending on whatever look you want to achieve you can build the colours up more!

Thanks for reading☺️and please let me know in the comments what kind of posts you want me to do next!!

Jess xo

22 thoughts on “Eyeshadow look with Makeup Revolution!xo

      1. I like your choices of colours. I too have an issue with taking picture of my face. But you’ve done well! Keep it up! x


  1. Hey! I really like your blog! (maybe make your text size a little bit bigger and personalise your About page?) Otherwise you’re doing great and I enjoy your posts. x Keep it up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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