December Favourites~ 2015

I’ve had many favourites throughout this last month. However, I managed to pick three ultimate ones which I have been reaching for constantly and they are all beauty tools which is a very unsuprising factor for me! So here we go…

Firstly my beauty blender. I received this as a Christmas present and I really wanted to try it out due to the fact I loved the concept that it was quicker than brushes at applying foundation due to no buffing afterwards and also that it could be used for many different purposes for example applying: concealer, foundation, powder, blending bronzer and so on! And I’m so glad I did ask for it as I used to hate wearing liquid foundation due to the look left when I used brushes with streaks and lines but now there are none and my foundation looks lovely and smooth. Also I love how it expands when wet hence becoming easier to apply products and finally I love how there is a round edge for larger applications as well as a pointed edge for more precise applications like concealer around the nose. I would definitely recommend this product!
 Secondly, I have been loving my eyelash curlers. I refrained from using these for so long due to nightmare stories I’ve heard about whole eyelashes being pulled out- which I certainly didn’t want to happen to me. But I took the plunge one day when my eyelashes were just not working out and so decided to use the dreaded (yep dreaded) curlers! Then I realised what I had been missing out on my eyelashes looked 10x healthier and ultra curly and I loved it… Now i use them every time before I apply my mascara!

 The last favourite for the final month of 2015 has to be one of my most recently discovered brushes- the real techniques sculpting brush! I already love (and have quite the collection of) real techniques brushes but this product enhanced my love even more! It’s simply perfect for application of bronzer due to being an angled brush and is far superior to the brush I had been previously using to apply bronzer just by having this aspect. I also just love the design of the brush with its pink handle and how super soft the bristles are.

Thanks for reading my monthly favourites and be sure to check back every week for more posts and at the end of January for a January 2016(eekkk) favourites! Bye xoxo

30 thoughts on “December Favourites~ 2015

  1. Hi Hun, great post.. Don’t worry that your new you learn along the way.. Your writing is really good in this post I love how in depth you go, it’s a great post to put up for your first one too!! A thing you could do to improve it is try and put a pretty background in your pictures using anything like a patterned blanket or something like that because then it attracts the eye of viewers, hope this helps and thanks for the comment earlier!! Have followed your blog!! Xxx

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    1. Thank you so much and I find a way to waffle about everything haha☺️ and I’ll definitely try to get better backgrounds for the future!! Also thank you so much for following you’re my first follower!!!xx

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      1. Awwh bless ya don’t worry I can’t shut up either I’m just a chatterbox😂 that’s fine Hun, it’s good all us smaller bloggers stick together and support each other, I look forward to seeing more content from you😘 xx

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  2. best piece of advice i can give you is write for yourself and don’t worry so much about what other people think!!

    consider using a feature image to make the post jump out when people are looking at it.

    you did an amazing job girl! keep up the good work!

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  3. i love my beauty blender! i actually have 3 that are in my constant rotation. 2 full size ones – 1 for liquid foundation, 1 for powder and then a mini that i use for liquid and cream highlighters – they work amazing with the colourpop highlighters!

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    1. Same and I’ve only just got it:o I really want to get more but it’s difficult to find them here in the uk (Amazon is a saviour) they’re just so quick and easy🙈 and I never thought about using with highlighters I’ll have to try it☺️:)


  4. Fantastic blog post. I too love beauty blenders so much and now use them instead of my brushes. They just blend foundation so much better and less mess. Real Techniques Brushes are my newest love they are amazing brushes and I want so many more 😍 really enjoyed reading your blogs. X

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    1. Thank you so much☺️ and same! I totally agree they’re just so much easier! Oh, same and they’re quite affordable compared to other brands which is great especially for the quality☺️ and thank you again☺️☺️X

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    1. Thank you! The sculpting brush is amazing for so many things i have even seen some youtubers (Tanya burr) use it to do foundation! I followed you back:) I haven’t actually tried the real techniques sponge but my friends have and they say it’s really good but I absolutely love my beauty blender:)!!

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